Houses of Amber

The Amars family are bankers and investors that have cautiously done well with their wealth. Though it’s a small house, House Amars is old and well respected. Their main shortcoming is their overly cautious mindset. Their symbol is an oak tree on a gold field below three silver rings

Official vintner to the Court, and one of the richest families in Amber. They own a large estate in the city, an ancestral home, Arbor House, which is located about 30 miles east of Kolvir, and various other properties, including Baylesport and Baylecrest. Their symbol, a hound’s head surrounded by vines, represents the two favorite loves of the Bayles, dogs and wine.

The Chantris are known for their skill in horse breeding. They maintain a cavalry of highly trained men. Their symbol is a red horse on a field of gold above three silver crowns.

The Daneshi are some of Amber’s stoutest warriors. They were instrumental in expanding and maintaining Amber’s borders. Some of the best military minds in Amber’s Court have come from House Danesh. They also maintain a standing militia. Their symbol is a black lion on a gold field.

One of the more scholarly houses, their library is reputed to be the best in Amber. The current leader of the house is Tujurane Ibold Elfant Feldane IV. Their symbol is a silver scroll on a burgundy field.

The oldest family in Amber, House Karm is believed by some to have actually originated in Chaos. They are very well connected politically and their merchant marine is known for trading in exotic items from far Shadows. Their symbol is three white roses on a green field.

Masters of the sea, Rein also forged the many of the Shadow paths to Golden Circle shadows. Their symbol is three white dolphins leaping on a blue-green field

Minor Houses
Some of these minor houses are old houses that have fallen into weakness or represent extremely wealthy merchants with dynastic tendencies. They also make their living by trade.
Angevin, Ascania, Balliol, Bagrationi, Castellamonte, Conradine, Cruthin, Grimaldi, Gwynedd, Jagiellon, Mecklenburg, Pahlavi, Pallavicino, Petrović, Sforza, Szapolyai, Trastámara, Tyrconnell, Valois, Wessex, Wettin, Zähringen

Houses of Amber

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