Rules Primer PC Creation

Character Creation
Step 1: Think About It
Dream up the best character you can imagine. If you could be anyone, who would you be? If you had all of the political, financial, and magical power in the world, what would you do? Use your imagination first and then start figuring out how to make that person come to life. Ask yourself what most interests you. Combat? Mystical arts? Power politics? Exploration? Or some combination of these things?

Step 2: Bid for Attributes
There are four Attributes that define every character; Psyche, Strength, Endurance and Warfare. You have 125 points to spend on Attributes, Powers, Shadows, and Artifacts (keep reading to see what these things are). You will use this same pool of points to bid on the Succession and Political Offices. Pay attention to the other players, and remember who your rivals are going to be. You can get more points by lowering some of your attributes, contributing to the game, or having really bad luck (Bad Stuff, read on).

Step 3: Buy Powers
Use some of your points left over from the auction to buy Powers such as Pattern, Logrus, Shapeshifting, Trump, or Sorcery. The basic versions of these powers are presented in the rules document. There are several advanced applications that can be learned once the powers from the basic version have been learned. The advanced applications of the Powers will be issued to or created by players on an as-needed basis.

Step 4: Buy Extras
Add extra details to your character. These include skills, magical creatures or artifacts, Shadows, or allies who will help your character.

Step 5: Balance the Points
See how many points you have left out of your original 125. If you come up short you can talk to the Game Master about getting more points for reducing your Attributes, or by providing player contributions to the game. If you have to, go back and change your Powers and extras.

Any points you have left over become “Good Stuff” and make your character lucky. If you have a point shortage, you have “Bad Stuff” that will make your character unlucky.

Step 6: Take the Freebies
Work up your character’s history, personality, and appearance.

Rules Primer PC Creation

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