Our story’s prologue…

It is said that Oberon has been king in Amber for thousands of years, perhaps for all of recorded history. For the last several centuries, he has promised that he would soon declare his chosen successor. As yet, that day has not come. The last several decades have seen a definite deterioration of his health, and many believe that the Immortal King will soon pass away. The court, the nobles, and various influential personages from the Courts of Chaos and shadow have been politicking for some time, seeking to gain Oberon’s favor for the candidate of their choice. No doubt some of Oberon’s children have been politicking for themselves.

Along with his health, it seems that respect for Amber has also deteriorated as various troubles have begun raising their ugly heads.

You are free to play who/what you want based on the PC creation rules below. You will have a chance to be in contention for the Throne, if you wish, or you can try to set yourself up as a kingmaker or power behind the Throne. Or you can take a nobler path and do those things necessary for “the good of the Realm”. What will it be?

Please make sure to complete the Character Questionnaire. You should email me the answers, or better yet: copy & paste your answers into the secrets page of your character.

Rules are in the forum and can be found here.

I also have two Rules primers:

You can find information on powers, rules, & politics in the shared dropbox folder, here. PDFs of the out of print rulebooks are here as well.

Background info:
Amber and Surrounding Areas
The Golden Circle
Well known Shadows

Vestiges of Chaos

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