The University

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This entire shadow, known simply as The University, is a sprawling academic institution in the tradition of an “enlightenment” (as it would be called in Corwin’s Earth) academy. Large Gothic buildings house libraries, laboratories and conservatories, large lecture auditoria, dormitories, and residence for the fellows. The culture and aesthetics are akin to the enlightenment, but fellows and administrators also hold renaissance values for all studies in both art and science, and encourage well-rounded scholarship. It is a place of intellectual exchange, not merely research and education.

Technology at The University is similar to the “electric age” (i.e., the time of Tesla and Edison on Corwin’s Earth), but fantastic and futuristic inventions have been created using the technology of the electric ago (similar to what “steampunk” does with mechanics). At the same time as this, limited forms of what many would consider “magic” are also possible in The University. It is said that the senior fellows have in their most esteemed library (one of many libraries in The University) a universal computing device that works by purely mechanical means (in contrast to “electronic computers” as found in Corwin’s Earth).

The University is aware of the existence of other shadows, though they accept numerous hypotheses besides merely the “shadows of Amber” model, such as “parallel universes” models. Though their catalog is far from complete, they seem to have somehow compiled extensive information on quite a number of other shadows. It is rumored that a device allowing some sort of astral projection that allows observing other shadows is held closely guarded by a secret society of administrators and select senior fellows.

Philosophy is among the many fields of study valued in The University, and one of the most contentious questions of philosophy in The University is whether knowledge is actually created, or merely discovered. The analogy between this and philosophies regarding shadows is not lost on Amberites…

Some of the elite of Amber have studied at The University.

The University

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