Castle Amber

Castle Amber is a beautiful yellow-marble castle in a roughly pentagonal shape that mirrors the shape of Oberon’s crown. Given that attack by the forces of Chaos a possibility, Oberon built mysterious glassy globes onto each corner of the castle that are purportedly some sort of warding system.

The ponderosa pine, blue spruce, aspen and linden that are the dominant trees on Kolvir surround the outer wall of the castle. Inside the wall are a series of lovely gardens either inspired by or maintained by various members of the royal family. There is also a park-like area of benches and walking paths that surround a large pond behind the castle. This area is famous for night time strolls and trysts. The castle itself is atop a promontory of rock. It can be approached by a main gate (that is heavily defensively reinforced) as well as an auxiliary stair. The stair of Kolvir that allows entry to the castle is steep and narrow and makes a canny military choke-point.

The main gate leads to a small courtyard with castle stables off to the side (a larger stables waits at the base of the castle). Inside the main hall are the Grand Hall of Amber. The doors of the Grand Hall carry the image of a Unicorn with a ruby necklace around it’s horn. This chamber is vast, with a dark flagstone floor and pale yellow marble walls. The ceiling is nearly fifty feet above. Stout wooden beams are hung with the banners and shields of Amber’s allies in The Golden Circle. There is a spacious loft for musicians tucked discretely off to one side. The Grand Hall backs up to Castle Amber’s massive kitchens and several storage areas. One side of the Grand Hall has large stained glass windows which depict the Unicorn, Oberon, and scenes from Amber’s history. (The windows are actually removable and can be replaced with stone slats if the castle is besieged.) The other side has a massive stylized Unicorn. The Grand Hall is, in many ways, the heart of the kingdom. It is where Oberon has made many pronouncements and where he has married many of his wives. Formal dances and parties are held here.

The main floor is where Oberon receives his guests and does the business of the kingdom. The Yellow Room is proximate to the Grand Hall. This is a lavishly appointed room where Oberon greets his guests and receives foreign dignitaries. Also, guests of Oberon are housed on the main floor. There are a number of sitting rooms, conference chambers, and guest apartments near the Grand Hall. The Rebman Embassy is permanently housed on the main floor of the castle to indicate Rebma’s special relationship with Amber.

In addition to the Grand Hall, the first floor has other areas for the main business of the kingdom. The main floor houses a small, but well-appointed chapel of the church of the Unicorn just off the Great Hall. Guest quarters for the Margolin of the Church of the Unicorn for when he chooses to reside in the castle are next door. If the Margolin wishes, then a highly ranked paladin in the Knights Alicorn may sometimes reside there to serve as an unofficial chaplain to the royal family. The offices of the Knights of the Horn are also on the first floor. They are unpresuming and easy to miss, but the diplomatic corps sometimes likes their privacy. There are also offices for the Royal Guard and the Castellan on the main floor.

Below the main level of the castle is the barracks for a full contingent of the elite forces of the Royal Guard that serves as a defense force for the castle itself. Past the guard barracks is the armory and quarters for the castle servants. There are dining rooms, gathering areas, and offices for the personnel. The storage areas for food supplies are here and are kept cool by regular deliveries of ice. A massive wine-cellar is beneath the kitchens.

Below the sublevel is a complicated series of caves, tunnels, and old storage rooms. Rumors guess that these tunnels may be at least partially natural and may go down even to the sea. There is small dungeon where important political prisoners are detained. The dungeon is connected to the guard barracks in such a way as to make escape quite difficult. In one unknown hall, down the seventh passageway, there is a door that is locked from the outside. This hall can only be reached by going through a series of steep stairs that do not connect to most points in the castle. Only the royals have the key to the room and inside lies the Pattern of Amber.

The upper stories of the castle are the private area of the royal family. These areas are connected by graceful staircases as well as several far more discrete passages. It includes:

  • Living quarters for the royal family that are divided into suites of chambers that often include a private study or office, a receiving-room, and a dining area, as well as a bedroom and bath.
  • A sizeable two-story library which is stocked with books, games, and trophies out of many Shadows. The walls of the library also include displays of arms and armor from various royals. Several decks of Trump are generally stored here under lock and key.
  • A large private dining room and several smaller dining rooms, all of which are connected to the kitchens by passageways and dumbwaiters. These dining rooms are for smaller or private events for the royal family. The dining areas have areas to appropriately store wine and other consumables.
  • A full sauna and caldarium to supplement the private baths in the various royal apartments.
    · Sitting rooms, sewing rooms, salons, parlors, and reading rooms. There are several receiving-rooms or parlors that are large enough to host a medium-sized ball or gathering.
  • A set of laboratories for magical and scientific study. As Amber has little in the way of technology or magic, much of the contents of the laboratories is inert here.
  • A small theater that doubles as a music hall which is filled with music and instruments from Amber and Shadow.
  • Strong-rooms and storage areas. These also include armored and/or warded areas. The main treasury of Amber is reported to be in the castle, but it’s location is not public. It may be in the upstairs portion of the castle, or perhaps in the maze of tunnels beneath the castle.
  • An infirmary that is stocked with as many medical implements and drugs as are known to work in Amber. Emergency packs of medical supplies are also stored here, so that someone can grab the medical supplies and Trump out to a place where the contents will actually work.

On the rooftop, there is a full fencing salon and gymnasium as well as a lovely greenhouse. The greenhouse is also accompanied by a rooftop garden.

Castle Amber

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